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%Blog_Topic%: Sanctuary of Sound

%Blog_Topic%: Sweet Baby Africa

%Blog_Topic%: Precious Daughter, Embera Tribe, Panama

%Blog_Topic%: Corrales Art Studio Tour 2014 Studio # 20!!!!

%Blog_Topic%: Portrait of Marvel

%Blog_Topic%: Wake up! Shake off Winter! It's Time to Dance!

%Blog_Topic%: "Tempest" Young girl of India

%Blog_Topic%: Mother's Love

%Blog_Topic%: "After The Dance"

%Blog_Topic%: Buttercup's Audition

%Blog_Topic%: Paul R Duncan, MD, FACP

%Blog_Topic%: Robert M. Lynn, M.D.

%Blog_Topic%: Harvest workshop quick sketch

%Blog_Topic%: Harvest workshop quick sketch

%Blog_Topic%: Harvest workshop quick sketch

%Blog_Topic%: Harvest workshop quick sketch

%Blog_Topic%: "Naja" Strength

%Blog_Topic%: Clouds On Fire 11x14 oil

%Blog_Topic%: Rupert 16x20 oil on canvas 2012

%Blog_Topic%: Tori 16x20 oil on canvas 2012

%Blog_Topic%: Beautiful Smile 12x16 oil on Canvas cloth

%Blog_Topic%: Beginnings

%Blog_Topic%: news

%Blog_Topic%: Picasso and Dad

%Blog_Topic%: Winds of Change

%Blog_Topic%: Purple Misa and The angel in the marble

%Blog_Topic%: The Sleeping Muse

%Blog_Topic%: Santa Fe Winter Sunset

%Blog_Topic%: Midnight Clearing

%Blog_Topic%: Charlie and Black-eyed Susan

%Blog_Topic%: Alabaster And Roses

%Blog_Topic%: Corrales Pet Parade - aka The Old Goat

%Blog_Topic%: Corrales Valley Splendor

%Blog_Topic%: Chamisa and Red Bluffs

%Blog_Topic%: "Elvis"

%Blog_Topic%: Taos Pueblo In Snow

%Blog_Topic%: Los Ojos Homestead - Small Gem

%Blog_Topic%: Momma & Bebe`

%Blog_Topic%: Painting Blues in Nature





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