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Corrales Pet Parade - aka The Old Goat

Laughter still the best Medicine

Levitation and The Goat?
It's quite simple really!

I was recently asked to create and donate a painting for the Corrales Harvest Festival Pet Parade. A big event in our Village in the fall and I readily accepted and knew just exactly what I wanted to paint!

As I set paint and brush to canvas and the image started to take form... the goat reminded me of someone?.who shall remain nameless. The more I painted the more the goat took on the persona of this person and it started me to giggling. As I continued to paint the goat developed a personality? and a voice? and an attitude! Smiling and chuckling all to myself, I merrily painted my way along and was soon remembering all of the other times in my life where my sense of humor might have been considered odd or misplaced.

You know those times when you were younger (or maybe not) and you're in a group of people, some are your friends or co-workers but most are complete strangers. You're attending some momentous occasion, ceremony or event ? everyone is standing respectfully and you can hear a pin drop. Out of the blue and completely without warning something is said or done that just strikes you as totally bizarre! I mean it seems comnpletely and utterly bazarre! You chance a glance at your friend or husband, as may be the case, standing next to you and you know he's thinking it's bizarre too! There is this conspiratorial eyebrow lift and the corners of your mouths are pinched up in stupid grins and that unmistakable spark of mischievous, playfulness enters the eyes and flashes between you.. and you both know that at any moment things will be beyond all control!

Yep! Giggles are starting to erupt and you're trying to suppress them because you must! After all this is a serious occasion and you are an adult after all! Oh! No! The more you try to get control the worse it gets! Chancing a glance at the friend, or husband as was the case,  standing next to you ? bad choice?..his body is shaking with suppressed laughter and you both have your hands over your mouths making snorky, nasal sounds as suppressed laughter is escaping through your nostrils into the unbelievably quiet room! People are staring now at your sputtering, piggy noises with furrowed brows of disapproval.... Oh Dear! Others have no idea what's so funny but they are starting to sputter and snork too, because the two of you are in such a fit trying not to laugh out loud and looking like complete loons!

It's like typhoid. . Highly Contagious!

 Spreads like crazy!

 Making a speedy exit you escape just in the nick of time as all hope is lost ?. Your laughter erupts like repressed bubbles under pressure from a champagne bottle filling the air with hysterical laughter! The two of you are laughing so hard that your knees are weak... you can hardly stand? arms and hands are flopping around, boneless like limbs of a rag doll. Your cheeks hurt? your stomach muscles ache and you are begging for mercy! But if feels so good to laugh so hard that tears of mirth streams from your eyes and you feel so feel so unburdened by this erruption of's feels like you are floating!

Huh?. Levitating!

Levity! How Wonderful!

Remember those times when you laughed so hard your cried and felt so light you levitated!

Share it!

Spread it around!

Be Contagious!


Sales for $5 raffle tickets, for this original fine art, will be on sale starting in August at Frame N' Art and many of the Corrales restaurants.  Some lucky person will have this wonderful and joyful piece hanging in their home! Look for posters adevertising this event beginning in August.

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