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Santa Fe Winter Sunset

What we see depends mainly on what we look for.

- John Lubbock


For painters there is a time of day called "Blue Noon". This is when the sun is at it zenith in the mid-day sky and one would think that this would be the ideal time to paint out of doors - the better the light - the better it would be to paint. Oh contraire! This is actually the worst time of day to see anything with clarity.  The light is cruel, turning shadows dark and colorless - the lightest values of colors bleached  to the palest of pales, bleak. The contrasts harsh and extreme - forms rendered flat and edges sharp. 

It is only when the illumination is less direct does our ability to see expand - shadows become transparent and alive... light colors become rich, fresh and vibrant! There is so much more to paint when the light is a little kinder.
When we finally quit looking at our problems in life under a harsh spotlight...when we finally quit being afraid of missing something...or controlling something and come at them from a different perspective do we see things that were not appearant before. It is when we get busy doing something else when new meanings get through. It is when we can glance at it out of the corner of our eye do we see things that we can't see by looking directly at it.
While sleeping ... while in that gauzy, comfortable veil ... at that barely perceptible edge between dreaming and waking do we percieve the colors in those elusive grey areas in life that are not visible to the awakened mind nor seen under the scrutiny of our intensely anaylitical brain. It is at this time when intuition glides onto center stage and into our consciousness to show us the solutions we seek. We have only to cease thinking, to trust and to let go of them for a while that enables our vision to expand, to see the colors that form in the softer light. We can now see the subtleties of possibities that we missed before that lie in the shadows and the opportunity that glimmer in the softer light - when before there was only black and white. 
Let go of your unsolved issues for a time being and turn down the lights - even light a candle. Rest your mind and your body, open up your mind and trust that you will see the possibilities and the solutions that will appear when you finally quit looking!

-We can  look so intensely at things that we miss the opportunity to see what lies within -

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