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Midnight Clearing

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The Un expected
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Art doesn't transform. It just plain forms.
Roy Lichtenstein

Life as well as art just plain forms!
Life seems, to me, to be mostly unexpected! Do you know what I mean? It's right there with  - best laid plans! I never make plans anymore that can't be changed because they always seem to change regardless of what I think or plan. I think I must have been a control freak in my past life and this life if Karmic. There are some people that it truely appears that most of thier life is  predictable. I find this fascinating and maybe it is just my perspective because I really do not know what that is like. Nothing is certain in my life except this very moment. I know precisely what is happening at this moment and that is all I really know. Like a kaleidoscope! The next moment holds suspense and is unknow! I used to get frustrated because my carefully laid out plans and carefully controlled life was always getting altered - there really was no control I realized. In my wisdom acquired from UHK (University of hard knocks)I found that life is like painting. It just forms! Life is truely a series of minor adjustments, which my husband has said. Anticipating and by being open to the continum of minor adjustments allow unexpected expansion of growth and contentment in life when before there was resentment because I thought it should be a certain way. Life simply forms and we can enjoy the process or fight it.

Life like painting is as if you are looking through a kaleidoscope and you find a really beautiful image in the changing of colors and patterns only to find the smallest movement - or not even - will change it again. Lost forever! Sometimes the changes in our kaleidoscope are better and sometimes not. Going along and patiently allowing and flowing with the changes the colors and patterns of life eventually reveal some greater beauty than we ever knew was possible. However, we had to go through the less than pleaseing to truely appreciate the beauty that came along.  I have grown to anticipate change and understand the neccessity in life and painting. Allowing the self to flow with change and to be colored and formed by the changes in light and perspective and the journey. 

I may set out with an idea and start out a certain way with an end result in mind. Along the way a color slips in here and a shadow deepens there - the patterns of light and color, contrast and form evolve and change with every stroke of the brush. A shape dissapears and a rainbow of color dances across a landscape. A twinkle sparkles in the eyes that I had not anticipated or hoped for. The clounds in a night scene seem to move and glow - rise and lengthen as the painting evolves..... then all at once it is finished! The end result can never be predicted and the journey never foretold and always offers up the unexpected! Just like life! I now look forward to the unexpected - even the negative occurances as they offer learning and growth - in life and painting. I like not knowing how things will come out and anticipate the journey and the unexpected! I am always amazed with the end results when I Lose control willingly!
See the changes in your kaleidoscope of life for the what they are - the forming of your life. Sometimes beautiful and sometimes grey. But without the grey for comparison we would not, could not possibly appreciate the beauty of our lives as it gently lays its colors and patterns upon us. The beauty in a painting does not reveal itself until we have labored through the darks, the greyed half-tones and finally into the light that come into existance at the very end and can only be seen because of the darks and greyed tones that surround it!

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