Picasso and Dad

Dad - quick sketch 12 x 16
Dad - quick sketch 12 x 16

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.
Pablo Picasso


I hear more and more the questions being asked... How does one continue to do ones best work with the ever threatening storm clouds of our turbulent world and lives? Just when one thinks the clouds are lifting another storm blows in. Being caught up in a chronic state of storms both natural and created by man. So much disaster, turmoil and so many trials!

How does one continue to put one foot in front of the other?  How does one know where to invest one's efforts?
How does one remain inspired? How does one continue to get up in the morning and get on a path that once promised a bright, sunny destination but now has turned into an unknown abyss?  A path that requires the same, if not more effort but doesn't seem to go anywhere.  How does one?
No matter how we wish it were otherwise this path is still our path and thus our journey... with its challenges and entanglements along the way that we were are not expecting and not asking for ... however unavoidable. 

This path is going somewhere ... we are just not able to see through the fog, or smoke, to see our present course. We are essentially traveling blind. No one can tell us when or where this journey ends. No one has a map or even a compass!
However, it seems that we must make this journey to find out where this path leads.
The sun is still out there but we have to get through the fog and above the clouds to see it.

By holding firm to our determination and continuing to shine brightly in what we do .. we will find our spot of yellow and transform it into our sun In doing less than our best we endanger our selves...our integrity.  When we produce our best effort even in the worst of times we transform a simple spot of yellow and capture the sun! We create our own light! We create our own warmth to travel this road and make this journey with its unknown destination! There are so many, many travelers on this dark, unknown path with its unknown snares and pitfalls but we travel together even if we can not see one another.
Do what you do best and give it your best efforts! Create your own bright sun! Your own light! Others will see your light and will add their own light to this dark, cloudy passage of time, offering illumination and enlightenment ... and maybe, just maybe the storms will not feels so lonely or foreboding. When the storms clear you will still have your self-respect and that of others. Keep your sun shining brightly! Don't let it burn out! The world needs all the light it can get!  

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