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The Sleeping Muse

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Marina 11x14 Oil on Raymar Portrait Canvas Panel
Marina 11x14 Oil on Raymar Portrait Canvas Panel

Several times a year inspiration dissipates like smoke into the either and that elusive un-chainable muse goes missing! Refusing proding, bribey or being swayed into answering any and all pleas or summons! This is one of those times! Without any warning or fare-thee-well that normally demanding, relentless muse simply vanishes. Poof! Gone as if she had never existed! Not a smidgen or an inkling of creativity or inspiration ignited! No spark or distant rumblings! Not even a murmer? Yikes! This could be a problem! What to do? Panic? Work harder? Force it? Let melancholy take the reins? No...relax.
This hiatus by the muse has occurred like clockwork enough times that it has become clear that this is a natural rhythm of the creative process…. as natural as the rhythms of the moon and the earth. As natural as the rhythms of mother nature herself.

When the muse goes missing it is a time when the seeds of creativity go to sleep and take the necessary time to rejuvenate!
When the muse is in a deep sleep and refuses to be wakened it is a time to engage in other things like getting extra sleep yourself, reading or whatever! Unfortunately when the muse had her way a lot of things both personal and domestic got ignored and now those things are demanding attention!
However, mundane and not at all stimulating this is necessary! Catching up and cleaning up needs to take place to make room for new ideas that are getting pushed aside by all the external clutter and internal chatter of unfinished business that takes energy away from the creative processes. Like clearing out last years flower beds of spent flowers. In the process the restrained seeds break loose from the seed pods and fall to freshly cleared fertile ground to sleep and await the right conditions to spring forth anew.
During this episode of that sleeping muse also proves the perfect time to ponder a few new insights. Such as recently I pay attention as this is important stuff... the oil spots on main street Corrales are not caused by cars but by crows flying over and dropping pecans on the road for cars to run over so they can get at the meat! This tidbit having been recently disclosed in the local newspaper by a resident lady farmer.  Aha! The mystery of the oil spot solved! Additionally another mystery solved. While walking in my yard my head seems the target for pecan bombs! Thank goodness its pecans!  I now know that the crows flying over head think my head is hard enough to crack pecans on! Clever! Now that I know what’s expected and while admitting to being stubborn on occasion my head is not that hard as to crack pecans… honest.  By placing the pecans under the wheels of the car and stomping on the pecans that land on my stoop I am fulfilling my part. There is a term for this co-operative arrangement in nature but I can’t remember what it’s called. If it weren't for the missing, sleeping muse I would have missed the extra reading time that enlightened me. Bonus!
Missing your mojo or muse or just plain have the blahs? Do not despair even if it feels like a deep freeze as some seeds need to freeze hard! The thaw will come and the muse will sweep in merrily and unannounced! She will once again be demanding and merciless just as if she never left. With a clear mind, rested body, nourished soul, clean tools, work space and a pristine, beautiful blank foundation to work on,  you will be ready when she does return! Open your mind to the possibilities if you have never met your muse as she is always lurking and willing to play when you decide that you are! Believe! Be ready!
"She did not hate the winter now, for she knew that it was merely the Spring asleep, and the flowers were resting." (Author Unknown)

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